New York Hudson River

Last weekend I took my neighbor’s son on his first small airplane ride. We went from Brookhaven (KHWV) to Sky Manor Airport, NJ (N40) via the New York Hudson River VFR Corridor. The flight was made in my Piper Warrior.

New York Terminal Area Chart

Here we are at 400 feet.

After clearing the Bravo we climbed to 1,100 feet. The Verrazano Bridge is the first reporting point when entering the Hudson VFR corridor from the south.

Verrazano Bridge

The towers rise 693 feet above the water.

Verrazano-Narrows bridge tower

The New York skyline makes for good photos on a haze-free day. Here we are approaching “downtown” Manhattan (as distinguished from midtown and uptown) with Governor’s Island under the nose. The Hudson is on the left and the East River, which can also be flown, is on the right.

Downtown Manhattan from airplane

New construction at the former World Trade Center location.

Downtown Manhattan 2012

One World Trade Center, formerly the Freedom Tower, under construction. When done, it will be 1,368 from ground to roof. They might have already completed it to that height in this photo; I am at 1,100 feet.

One WTC, formerly The Freedom Tower

Mid-town Manhattan featuring the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier museum, with the Concorde on its deck.

One World Trade Center form the southbound side of the river.

downtown Manhattan

After clearing the VFR corridor to the south we turn west and proceed to N40, Sky Manor Airport, for lunch. GA is alive and well during the weekend at Sky Manor.


A beautiful Comanche 250 parked beside us. The Comanche was Piper’s flagship airplane in the 1960s and offers excellent performance and bang for the buck in a used airplane.

Comanche 250

The Sky Manor restaurant has good food and a great view.

Sky Manor Restaurant

Outside is the best viewing area I have seen at a GA airport. Benches and picnic tables are adjacent to the runway.

Heading back to Brookhaven we went GPS direct, intending to fly at 7,500; clouds turned that into 9,500. We picked up flight following from NY while climbing out of Sky Manor. New York Approach provided vectors around departing JFK traffic.

Cruising above the clouds on the way home.

If you don’t own an airplane you can still enjoy the fantastic Manhattan skyline by visiting one of the helicopter tour companies along the Hudson river in Manhattan.

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