“Howdy” From Nevada

"Reno Gary"

“Reno Gary”

To all …  Hi.  I’m Gary, and Dave has invited me to become a contributor to his Planeviz.com site.  I am extremely grateful to have been asked, and I am thrilled to accept.  So, starting soon, I’ll occasionally be adding posts and photos here.  Hopefully, all of you who presently follow Dave’s PLANEVIZ offerings (podcasts and posts) will find my contributions to be interesting and perhaps even useful in some way.    And I will benefit also in that I’ll get to meet people like you who are very knowledgeable in the many varied aspects of aviation, and in so doing, I’ll gain new insights thru your expertise and your experiences.

Having said that, I suppose I should provide a quick personal background.  I was born in upstate New York but I now live in Reno.  I’m retired (a twenty year career in the USAF as a military policeman; then college and an eighteen year career as a public school teacher), and I’ll soon celebrate forty years of marriage.

Now to my “connection” to aviation.  OK, hold on to your headphones and helmets … I’m not a pilot.  Never have had a license.  The closest I’ve ever come to being a pilot is as you see me in the photo accompanying this post; I sit in the pilot’s seat whenever some wonderful person offers me an opportunity to do so.  I’ve never worked ON aircraft; either.  Oh, when I was in the USAF, I guarded some B-52s, KC-135s, and (twice) SAM 26000, but walking around those was as close as I’ve ever gotten to having “hands on” experience with aircraft.  And I am definitely not a “Mr. Know-It-All” about aircraft or about aviation.  So, you wonder, why has Dave offered me this super opportunity to be involved on his site?

Aviation photography.  Folks, I can’t fly ’em, and I can’t fix ’em, but I sure can “foto ’em” and I’ve been doing that since 1962 when I was twelve years old.  My very first camera was a Kodak Brownie (127 film), but by the time I was fourteen I was also using a Kodak Bullseye (620 film) and an old second-hand Bell and Howell 8mm movie camera.  All my film purchase and developing expenses were financed by a newspaper delivery route.  Now, fifty years later, I’ve still got every negative and every short three-minute 8mm film from those days … and a lot more since then.

Dave has generously invited me to share some of my time-ravaged old photos, as well as some of my more recent shots, here.  I am excited to do so.  Within the travel boundaries placed upon my family by our retired (otherwise referred to as our “limited”) income, I go wherever possible to see and photograph aircraft.  Maybe some readers will find that they want to have a try at aviation photography or possibly they will discover an interest in visiting a particular museum or attending a specific air show.  If my posts and pictures provide such a motivation in someone, then perhaps my “teaching career” is not yet quite finished.  But one main reason I was invited to be a contributor was Dave’s desire to provide you with visual aviation-related glimpses that you would find interesting … and that might possibly stir up a neat memory or two for some of you, also.

Thanks to Dave for the invitation and Thanks to you the viewer for taking a moment to read this.  Please check back on to Dave’s Planeviz site often.  And please don’t let the conversation be one-sided; let me hear from you, too, OK?  (Two Thumbs Up)

… Sincerely, Reno Gary  (aka:  OldeCarl & RNOOldeCarl)  OldeCarl(at)gmail.com

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