Private Jet Charter

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Visit multiple destinations in a single day, stay connected with WiFi and collaborate while enroute. Focused, relaxed, productive work on the go.


Comfortable, stress-free travel including gourmet catering upon request. Drive right to your private aircraft and you're on your way in minutes.


Short hops to international travel tailored to your specific requirements. Private air charter can take you to over ten times as many airports as commercial airlines.

PlaneViz specializes in on-demand private jet charter options.  As an air charter service broker run by an aviation expert, we work with a large pool of air charter operators to accommodate all your needs and objectively answer your questions.

There are many types of aircraft available for business and pleasure travel. Showcased below are a few common types categorized by cabin size, typical use, and passenger capacity. Costs vary by airplane and your specific requirements; our air charter info page has private jet charter cost information.

Convenience, privacy, comfort, productivity, and flexibility are standard features.

Light Jets
These airplanes carry 6 to 8 passengers between 1,500 and 3,000 miles, depending on the airplane, number of passengers, and amount of baggage.

  • Phenom 300 (shown), Hawker 800/900 series, LearJet 45XR/75, Citation CJ4, Citation XLS, Gulfstream G150.

Midsize Jets
More cabin space and transcontinental range for 8 or 9 passengers are the sweet-spot for large midsize jets. They are also commonly used on shorter flights by customers who want more cabin space.

  • Citation X (shown), Falcon 2000, Challenger, Hawker 1000/4000

Large Jets
Nothing is spared with these private jet charter flagship airplanes. Featuring very large cabins divided into zones (e.g, work, entertainment, sleep), full galley, satellite communications, global range and the ability to carry up to 19 people, these jets have it all.

  • Gulfstream (shown), Global Express, Falcon 8X, Challenger, Legacy 650E.

Executive Charter Turboprops
While jets have the glamor factor turboprops can provide the best value on shorter flights and offer more room than small jets. The King Air family of twin engine airplanes is the most widely used private charter turboprop. The single-engine PC-12 offers similar performance. These planes typically seat 6 to 8 passengers, have a private lavatory, and cruise at 300 MPH.

Beechcraft King Air