Legacy Content

A selection of popular posts and interviews from the original PlaneViz blog and podcast.

Northeast Airlines Yellowbirds
PlaneViz started in 2012 but the story started in the late 1960s.

Reno Air Races – A “Bucket List” Event
A fantastic photo gallery of scenes from previous Reno Air Races.

DIY 737 Flight Simulator
Sounds simple enough. Find a Boeing 737 cockpit, truck it over a few states, and transform it into a working flight simulator complete with 210 degree cockpit view of the outside world.

Manhattan Sightseeing by Small Airplane
Enjoy the spectacular view of Manhattan as we fly along the Hudson River in my airplane at 1000 feet.

Propeller Echoes: Mohawk Airlines
A trip back in time to 1960s airline travel on Mohawk Airlines. Props, stewardesses, and no crowds.

Pilot Proficiency with Airline Pilot and Author Karlene Petitt
Airline pilot and novelist Karlene Petitt on flying and writing her novels.

Karlene Petitt, Airline Pilot, Novelist
Part 2 with Karlene Petitt

1980s Airlines at Boston Logan
Airport action at Logan Airport featuring many airlines that are no longer with us.

Cost of Aircraft Ownership
A look at the cost of owning a small private airplane.

Building the Lancair Legacy Kit Plane with Adam Molny
Ever thought about building your own airplane? Adam Molny joins me with the story of building his Lancair Legacy kit plane.

Buying Your First Airplane – Interview with new Grumman Tiger Owner Rick Young
First time airplane owner Rick Young walks us through the process he used when buying his Grumman Tiger

Flying Again after a 40-year break with Bob Eicholz
Bob gets back into flying after a 40-year break. (And has since moved up to a Cirrus SR-22.)

Building Long Island’s Mid Island Air Service with Gail Mancuso
Gail Mancuso shares the story of Mid Island Air Service, its beginnings, and its deep community involvement.