Air Charter Amy

Air Charter Amy is our Alexa-powered private jet charter voice assistant. You can have a conversation with her to get started with a private jet charter quote or if you’re just curious about how it works.

We offer Amy as a convenience and customer experience experiment. AI-powered voice is a transformational technology and Amy provides a window into that future for you and for us.

Using your Echo device or Alexa smartphone app, just say “Alexa, open Air Charter Amy.” Amy will confer with you about your trip and send you an email snapshot of your quote request details. Real people take over from there to review and prepare your quotes and call you when they are ready or if we need more information.

Give Amy a try on your Alexa mobile app or Echo smart speaker. Be sure to check in with her now and then as we’ll be adding more capabilities based on user input.

We welcome your constructive feedback and suggestions.

Air Charter Amy FAQ

What personal information does she require?
As with a phone or web quote request, Amy requires you name, email address, and your preferred phone number. To streamline the conversation, Amy uses the first name and email associated with your Amazon account after you give her permission to use it. (Neither Amy nor Planeviz has access to your Amazon sign-in credentials.)  Amy will also ask for your preferred phone number during the conversation.

How smart is she?
Speak with Amy is if you were requesting a quote on the phone with a human jet charter agent. For example:

Amy: When are you leaving?
You: “Tomorrow afternoon” or “April 15” or “May 7 around 8am”.

Amy: How many passengers?
You: “Three” or “I think 4” or “five people are going”

Does she work with Google Assistant?
Not yet but soon.

Try Air Charter Amy.

Feedback or questions? Send us a note.