Retired content-worth-keeping from the Planeviz early days

Podcasts from 2013

Pilot Proficiency with airline pilot and author Karlene Petitt – Pt 1. Airline pilot, author, and speaker Karlene Petitt joins me to discuss pilot training and proficiency as well as her aviation novels and her Flight to Safety Blog. Karlene walks us through flying the A330, with it’s sophisticated flight control system and extensive use of automation. She also illustrates some difference between Airbus and Boeing flight control systems in the context of Asiana 214 and Air France 447 and how daily reliance on automation can dull flying skills. Flight to Success – Karlene’s blog and books

Karlene Petitt, Airline Pilot, Novelist – Pt 2. Karlene tells the story of her career as an airline pilot and of her aviation novels and popular website. The tumultuous airline business can make for a roller coaster career for pilots. Pilots striving for an airline career won’t want to miss her story, one that has spanned eight airlines and includes layoffs, bankruptcies, training, line flying, and career choices. Karlene also tells us about her published and planned aviation novels, her website, airplane shopping, and public speaking. Karlene’s website and excellent books: Flight To Success

Mid Island Air Service with Gail Mancuso. Building an FBO. Founded in Deer Park, NY in 1946 by WW2 pilot instructor Louis Mancuso, Mid Island is now one of Long Islands most recognized FBOs. Mid Island Air Service.

Angel Flight Southeast. Interview with volunteer pilot and CEO Steve Purello. We discuss the mechanics and gratification of transporting persons to medical treatment. Angel Flight SE.

Flying Again after a 40-year break with Bob Eicholz. 40 years after his last flight Bob Eicholz dusts of his wings and starts flying again. As a child in the 1960’s Bob took a scheduled airline DC-3 flight with his dad, which hooked him on airplanes. After getting his private pilot’s certificate as a teen he stepped away from flying until this year (2013). Listen in as he shares his story and notes the differences in flying between then and now.

Interview with Rod Rakic, cofounder of Open Airplane. OpenAirplane is a revolutionary aircraft rental concept that greatly expands the utility of a pilot’s license. [Update 2020 – Open Airplane closed; read the interesting story on why.]

Classic Airliners with Gary Schenauer of High Sierra Spotters. Gary Schenauer shares the stories behind some of the unique, classic airliner photos to be found on High Sierra Spotters, a forum he and a few friends launched four years ago. Gary and I discuss the early years of the jet age when it was common to see prop and jet airliners on the ramp. He also tells us how he got started in Buffalo, NY and traveled the Mohawk Airlines route system on their weekend specials.

Why Planes Crash Author Sylvia Spruck Wrigley. Why do planes crash? I interview Sylvia Spruck Wrigley , the operator of and author of several books including Why Planes Crash and You Fly Like a Woman. In this podcast we discuss the near miss (20 meters!) between a 747 and DC-10 despite both planes having TCAS. Sylvia’s Why Planes Crash series on Amazon.

DIY 737 Flight Simulator. Sounds simple enough, find a Boeing 737 cockpit, truck it over a few states, and transform it into a working flight simulator complete with 210 degree cockpit view of the outside world, all while tucked away inside a building. Dave Jones joins me to discuss his 737 flight simulator project, how he came to own it and plans to equip it. Dave also operates, a website that features some of his very high quality classic airliner photos from the golden era of airline travel.

Buying Your First Airplane – Interview with new Grumman Tiger Owner Rick Young. First time airplane owner Rick Young walks us through the process he used when buying his Grumman Tiger and compares the Tiger with the DA-40, which he had previously been flying as a rental.

Understanding Air France 447 with Capt. Bill Palmer. A330 captain Bill Palmer joins me to discuss his book Understanding Air France 447. Many factors contributed to the crash of this A330, which went down in the Atlantic in 2009. Bill walks us through the factors. Bill’s book Understanding Air France 447.

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