Karlene Petitt, Airline Pilot, Novelist – Pt 2

In this, part 2 of my interview, Karlene Petitt tells the story of her career as an airline pilot and of her aviation novels and popular website. The tumultuous airline business can make for a roller coaster career for pilots. Pilots striving for an airline career won’t want to miss her story, one that has spanned eight airlines and includes layoffs, bankruptcies, training, line flying, and career choices. Karlene also tells us about her published and planned aviation novels, her website, airplane shopping, and public speaking.

  • Airlines: Evergreen, Tower Air, Braniff, America West, Guyana, Northwest
  • Karlene’s website and excellent books: Flight To Success

Part 2 – 2013 podcast with Karlene Petitt

Podcast transcript

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