King Air Charter Service & Rates

The King Air is a fast, comfortable, and economical executive turboprop ideally suited for regional flights.

With a 300-350 mph cruise speed, it offers travel times equal to a jet on shorter flights, such as Boston to New York or Los Angeles to Las Vegas but at a substantially lower cost.

King Air charter rates range from $1,700 – $2,400 per hour for the King Air 200 and 350 series aircraft, based on a round trip flight.

The King Air 250 typically seats 6 for executive charter while the larger King Air 350 seats 8 in that configuration. Both models have a 4’8″ cabin height, which is equivalent to a typical light midsize jet.

In addition to its executive charter popularity, the King Air is used by many corporate and private users and as a light transport aircraft with both government and non-government organizations.