PC-12NG. Image Pilatus

The PC-12 combines  comfort, speed, load-carrying, and reliability for regional. It’s a powerful, single engine turboprop airplane with a large cabin, a separate cargo door, and the ability to haul plenty of baggage/cargo. The PC-12 has an excellent safety record and is renowned for its private air charter flexibility. It was the best-selling turboprop in 2016.

PC-12 Executive Turboprop Features

  • Cruise speed: A snappy 300 MPH / 483 KPH
  • Passengers: 6-8 for executive configuration
  • Fully enclosed flushing lavatory with hard doors to provide privacy
  • Cabin height/width: 4.8 ft high / 5 ft wide at shoulder level (1.46m/1.52m)
  • Typical operating altitude: 10,000 – 30,000 feet depending on trip length
  • Typical hourly price: $1,200 – $1,500

The PC-12 cabin is roughly the same size as a larger midsize private jet. The cabin photos of this NG model illustrate typical layout. Actual style and configuration will vary by airplane and customer needs/requests. Seats may be arranged in club style or rows or even removed as needed.

PC-12NG. Image Pilatus

Turboprop airplanes like the PC-12 are powered by a turbine engine (a jet engine) that is connected to the propeller. This combination gives the reliability of a jet with better fuel efficiency on shorter trips. The PC-12 is also made to handle grass strips and unpaved runways. Its size, flexibility, comfort, and economy have made it a very popular private charter aircraft.

Watch the PC-12’s amazing versatility: 6 people, 2 dogs and a full load of luggage from 2 SUVs.

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