Piper Comanche – Better Than Ever!

Piper Comanche – Better Than Ever!

Piper Comanche -Better Than Ever! was originally on my YouTube channel before I switched the nature of the channel to digital marketing. As of July 2022 it had 152,000+ views, a testament to the popularity of the Comanche and to some great YouTube videographers.

Come along as we explore the history, versions, and performance of the Comanche and are joined by Comanche 250 flyer Mike Ellis who shares his ownership journey.

Videos of Comanches in action include the Comanche 250, 260, 260B, 260C, and 400.

Music: Lycoming and ATC

  • Youtube clips Mike Ellis: Follow Mike on his YouTube channel for Comanche information and adventures.
  • Horsemoney: Excellent aircraft videographer! Spend some time on her site.
    Clip 1 & Clip 4 N6604P, Clip 2 N8649P, Clip 3 N8803P, Clip 6 N5290P, Clip 7 N6656P, Clip 12 N9XT Philip Ching: Clip 5, N5474P,
  • First air-to air jeffcrouchmusic: Clip 8, Comanche 400 engine io720 a1B: Clip 9, Comanche 400 take off (Hat tip to his username) N8792P: Clip 10, Low pass ControllerAircraft: Clip 11, Second air-to air Heritage Aero: Clip 13, Comanche 260TC engine (also some lighting and speed mods on his full video) Piper Aircraft: Clip 14, PA28 segment (5000 Cherokees sold in the first five years. Can you imagine?) Robin Johansson: Clip 15, Comanche SE-IKF