Private Jet Charter NYC, Teterboro, Westchester

Manhattan from 3000 feet.

Full service, New York private jet charter. Choose PlaneViz to arrange your flight from or to any New York area airport including Teterboro, White Plains, JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark.

We work exclusively with Wyvern Wingman approved and ARGUS Gold and Platinum air charter operators to ensure top quality aircraft, crew, and operators.

Located about 12 miles from Manhattan, Teterboro is the most popular New York City private jet airport. Expect to see air charters increase at LaGuardia Airport as Amazon builds out its new headquarters in Long Island City, which is just a few minutes drive from LGA.

New York City is 20-minutes to one hour from the Hamptons, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, Boston and northern New England towns, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, DC.

New York City Private Jet Charter Rates

Here’s a selection of  actual jet charter quotes between New York and various destinations. Q1 – 2019

In the table below, empty leg (EL) flights are when the jet is to be flown to the next location with no passengers currently booked. When available, these flights offer a substantial savings—nearly half off—versus standard one-way rates, and you get the entire jet to yourself/your party.

One way jet charter prices include the cost of moving the airplane to the next customer pickup or a return to home base, if there is no customer waiting along the route of flight.

The exception is when the jet charter operator has a floating fleet where several aircraft are based at or close to popular charter destinations. In that case, the one way flights avoid empty leg return-to-base flights and the operator can pass along the savings.

Depart Arrive Direction Price Plane Seats
New York (KTEB) Boston (KBED) Empty Leg $2,530 Lear 60 7
New York (KTEB) Atlanta (KPDK) Round trip $15,300 Hawker 400XP 7
New York (KTEB) Atlanta (KPDK) Round trip $20,400 Hawker 800XP 8
New York (KTEB) Atlanta (KPDK) Round trip $29,750 Citation X 8
Van Nuys (KNVY) Teterboro (KTEB) Empty Leg $26,392 Challenger 601 9
Teterboro (KTEB) Ft. Lauderdale (FXE) One way $13,7363 Citation XL 8
Washington (KIAD) Teterboro (KTEB) Empty Leg $3,910 Challenger 601 9

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LaGuardia, JFK, and Newark Liberty serve private aircraft with convenient private aviation terminals that are far removed from the busy commercial airline terminals. Farmingdale/Republic Airport and White Plains/Westchester County Airport are more convenient for activities taking place in the suburbs east and north of NYC.