Dave Goodwin, Co-Founder, Emerging Tech Application.
Dave has 25 years of technology management experience, including co-founding Scormi UX Lab which built NLU powered products. He has published articles on LinkedIn, is a contributing writer to the Voice Tech Podcast on Medium, and at Dave held sales and operations management roles in the airline and tour industry prior to IT. He has a lifetime of aviation experience and is a private pilot and small airplane owner.

Alexey Korenkov, Co-Founder, Technical Lead.
Alex leads our project technical development, implementation, and cloud operations. He has extensive experience in web applications development, cloud infrastructure management and most recently AI application development. Before bringing our Alexa skill to life, he developed  our IBM Watson natural language chatbot. Alex has 20+ years experience encompassing everything from network infrastructure to VR applications.

Backing us is our team of trusted business and technical associates who contribute their expertise as needed.