V35 Bonanza, Mooney 201, Cessna 182RG, Piper Comanche …Which One?

V35 Bonanza, Mooney 201, Cessna 182RG, Piper Comanche …Which One?

[Edit] I’m no longer looking but this popular video (89,000+views, 322 comments as of July 2022) effectively showcases these 4 great airplanes.

I’m considering upgrading from my Piper Warrior to a more mission capable airplane. In this video I profile these four contenders: V35B Bonanza, Piper Comanche 250/260, Mooney 201 (20J), and Cessna 182RG.

My mission which is 155 to 160 knot cruise speed Less than $150,000 The occasional 600- 700 mile cross country.

From my research the Piper Comanche 200 series and the Cessna 182RG (technically the Skylane R182) have very similar performance profiles. I admit to a lifelong love affair with the Comanche but the convenience of the Skylane high wing design is very compelling.

V35 Bonanza. In addition to being the fastest of the bunch, the V35B has the Bonanza cachet. While not exactly a performance characteristic, the Bonanza’s sex appeal cannot be denied. As great as those three airplanes are, most of my flying has been solo or with one other person; a profile for which the Mooney 201 is well suited.

In the video I cover the basic performance characteristics of each airplane plus the (few, overall) persistent maintenance issues. All things considered for me personally, after researching these airplanes I lean toward the Cessna R182 Comanche 260B. I didn’t go into which one I prefer in the video because the exercise of making the video produced the research needed to sway me toward the Cessna.

There are dozens of really insightful comments on this video in the YouTube comments section. Head over there to add yours!